We were busy updating our site ready to share new prints and a radically different direction––since January this year––when we stumbled into March and the world went into lockdown... not something we'd anticipated. We've watched as businesses we love all around us struggle and quickly adapt to new ways of coping, loved ones self-isolate and work hard in key roles, and the world moves far from what it was only a few short weeks ago. 

Our updated website is now live and we're grateful for an independent print studio to remotely order stock from––between that and Royal Mail, The Collective Press can continue relatively uninterrupted. So during quarantine, (as much as we'd love to shout about our new offering), we'll be spending our time drawing more collections and slowly adding to our body of work, ready for a time when the world is back on course.

Whilst we've been working on The Collective Press, we've also been helping out our good friends at The Bridge Patisserie, who are currently working tirelessly to deliver food packages across Winchester (we think they're pretty awesome)––they wanted some bright and cheery postcards to add to their deliveries. So we produced four cute designs and bundled them in with a recent Risograph stock order. We'll be including one of these postcards in every delivery we send out.

We look forward to sharing our collection additions each week––if you'd like to buy from us, amazing, but it's enough right now to have you follow our little journey, if for no other reason than to serve as a welcome distraction.

April 07, 2020